How Race, Language, and Social Justice Intersect

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How to Measure Cultural Proficiency

I have written several articles concerning the idea of biculturalism and why it’s time to retire the term.  However, there was a time when biculturalism was one of Dual Language Education’s recognized goals, and therefore, many well-meaning educators continue to use the word.  So in this post, let’s further explore what biculturalism really means and […]

Transnumbering – The Concept of Numbers Across Cultures, Part II

Last week, I shared how a friend of mine was humiliated for transnumbering – an action I define as when someone who has two or more cultures within them uses numbers in a way that demonstrates that they are, intentionally or unintentionally, using all of their numerical repertoire.     This is similar to the […]

Transnumbering – The Concept of Numbers Across Cultures Part I

In a previous post, we defined sociocultural competence, the third goal of Dual Language Education, to mean being able to fight for the rights of those who don’t speak, look, or think like you. It is about grappling with our racist and discriminatory history and being willing to change the future.  To do this, we […]

The Four Statuses of Identity and How They Relate to Sociocultural Competence and Dual Language Education

Among Third Culture Kids, additional examples may include students who refuse to speak their home language both at home and at school because they have committed themselves to an “American” identity or a student who refuses to accept anything American because it violates their home identities. Both of these examples may be results of others trying to force assimilation upon them.

What is Sociocultural Competence? How Does Identity Fit Into It?

Do you remember the three pillars of Dual Language Education? They are: High Academic Achievement Biliteracy and Bilingualism Sociocultural Competence Unfortunately, sociocultural competency is the most elusive of the three goals, partially because the definition is unclear to many and partially, because there are no standardized exams that can test this pillar. Yet, sociocultural competence […]

Celebrate Juneteenth

It is time to reckon with our historical past so that we can emerge from the current racism pandemic a more equal society.  Acknowledging and celebrating Juneteenth with our students is one way we can move in that direction.

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