How Race, Language, and Social Justice Intersect

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6 Norms for Discussing Race and Social Justice

As the year comes to a close, you might find yourself having more conversations about social justice at your district or school, especially when thinking about how to be inclusive of marginalized, religious groups around the holidays.  You may also be planning activities revolving around social justice for the new year… a sort of New […]

5 Ways to Honor the Historical Context of Thanksgiving In Light of a 500-Year Old Pandemic

Thanksgiving is an annual celebration that started in the United States as New England’s commemoration of a successful harvest.  It morphed into a national holiday at the hands of President Abraham Lincoln who tried to unite the nation through a day of “Thanksgiving.”   This year, in this pandemic, we have lost nearly 800,000 people in […]

Let’s De-Gentrify Language Acquisition: 3 Steps to Highlight Why Preserving Each Student’s Home Language Is Paramount for Language Minority Students’ Identities

Benefits of Dual Language Education for Speakers of Languages Other Than English Two-Way Dual Language Education programming is a really cool opportunity for monolingual, English speaking families.  Being bilingual opens up economic opportunities.  It looks good on college applications.  And it helps develop the brain in a way that delays the symptoms of diseases such […]

Equity Measures in Dual Language Education: Separation of Language

Dual Language Education is a social justice movement for students who speak a Language Other Than English (LOTE) at home because it is the only language acquisition program research proven to close the opportunity gap for students identified as Emergent Bilinguals.  However, as demonstrated by various studies (Urow & Beeman 2013; Thomas & Collier, 2004) […]

5 Steps for Ensuring That Your Dual Language Program Is Still A Strong, Equity-Based Dual Language Program

Dr. Jose Medina, one of the authors of the Guiding Principles of Dual Language, famously said, “Dual language Programs not grounded in equidad y justicia social (equity and social justice) are NOT dual language programs.” I couldn’t agree more. Two-Way Dual Language Programs are measured by how well they are servicing their emergent bilinguals… those […]

5 Tips for Teaching Your Kids About Cultural Appropriation This Halloween

It’s that time of year when, in the United States, many children and adults alike, dress up in fantastic costumes and celebrate Halloween.  From what was once a parade of costumed children looking for sweet treats, it has now become an elaborate costume party with festivals, parties, movie events, and so much more.  And think […]

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