Dr. Aradhana Mudambi

Social Justice Activist, Writer, and Speaker


Dr. Aradhana Mudambi is an accomplished, Ivy League-educated, multilingual educator and social justice activist with a doctorate from Harvard University and a certificate in Diversity and Equity from Cornell University.

As an experienced advocate for Dual Language Education, World Languages, and Social Justice, Dr. Mudambi has been invited recently to speak at institutions such as Harvard University, Boston College, and the National Association of Bilingual Education (NABE). Dr. Mudambi also runs a Social Justice Workshop series for the Multistate Association for Bilingual Education (MABE).

Dr. Mudambi is currently a columnist for Velazquez Press, the President of the Multistate Association for Bilingual Education, NE (MABE), a professor of Intercultural Communications at Eastern Connecticut State University, and the Director of Multilingual Education at Framingham Public Schools in Massachusetts. Previously, she was Director of ESOL, Bilingual Education, and World Languages at Windham Public Schools in Connecticut, where she founded Dos Ríos, the first One-Way, Developmental Dual Language Program in New England. Dr. Mudambi has taught in India, Texas (both in Houston and four miles from the Texas-Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley), Florida, France, and England. She is trilingual herself, fluent in Spanish, Tamil, and English and is currently working at learning Portuguese.

If you are interested in having Dr. Mudambi speak at your institution or event, you can contact her below.