Why Bilingualism?

Being a Monolingual Administrator for a Dual Language Program

As this new school year begins, district and school administrators are filled with the typical excitement and anticipation, but additionally, perhaps a novel sense of anxiety.  This anxiety may stem from the fact that the start of this school year is characterized nationwide by a record number of teacher vacancies.  Perhaps it comes from the […]

The Ascription or Denial of Intelligence Based on Race

My friend’s daughter once told me that she figured a relatively new, Asian classmate was intelligent just by looking at her. She then followed the statement with, “I wonder if I made that assumption because of her race,” and proceeded to analyze her thought process. Undoubtedly, as a parent, an educator, and as an equity-minded […]

6 Strategies to Elevate the Status of Bilingualism

The Status of English I stayed at home with my daughter for the first five years of her life, largely because I wanted to ensure that she would speak our mother tongue, Tamil.  I feared that sending her to daycare would introduce her to English way too early.  Nevertheless, once she started school, even when […]

The Intersection of Race and Language in Bilingual Education

But unless we can recognize the intersection of race and language, recognize the underlying racism that causes opponents to fight against Dual Language Education, and call out the racism, we will never adequately address the issues that keep children with home languages other than English from having the opportunity to maintain their linguistic identities.

Some People Still Argue for Assimilation: Why This is Still Wrong

Whenever I talk about Dual Language Education, I always find well-meaning individuals, (at least, I hope that they are well meaning), who have to tell me how their grandparents gave up their European language(s) in order to become more “American,” and how our students, too, should assimilate. I often wonder if these well-meaning people have […]

Co-teaching vs. Pull-Out ESOL Services for Emergent Bilinguals

Low-Incidence Languages What happens when you do not have enough students who speak the same language at home to provide Dual Language to your Emergent Bilinguals? You have to consider providing students what is known as English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) services. ESOL services may be Pull-Out or Push-In. Pull-Out services are when […]


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