Civil Rights and Dual Language Education

5 Steps for Ensuring That Your Dual Language Program Is Still A Strong, Equity-Based Dual Language Program

Dr. Jose Medina, one of the authors of the Guiding Principles of Dual Language, famously said, “Dual language Programs not grounded in equidad y justicia social (equity and social justice) are NOT dual language programs.” I couldn’t agree more. Two-Way Dual Language Programs are measured by how well they are servicing their emergent bilinguals… those…

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Microaggressions: Forever Alien in One’s Own Land

“How do they celebrate Three Kings’ Day in Mexico?” I once observed a teacher ask one of her Dual Language students.   The question seemed innocent enough.  She was trying to build sociocultural competence in her classroom by being inclusive of all her students as the upcoming holiday approached.  However, the student felt uncomfortable.  While his…

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Honoring Students From Collectivist Cultures

The Microaggression A former colleague of mine called me the other day to let me know how her supervisor had ridiculed her for still living with her parents in her late 20’s.  The supervisor talked about how when she had been younger, she couldn’t wait to become an adult and be able to leave her…

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