Building Relationships With Our Culturally Diverse Students

One of the key components of culturally relevant pedagogy is to build relationships with our students, especially with our culturally diverse students.  Our goal is to decrease culture shock while allowing students to preserve and share their cultures (Rudmin 2011). As students feel less like outsiders looking in on a new culture and more like participants in the community, they become more open to the education you provide them.

Try These Strategies

1. Stand in the hallway and greet each student by name as the student walks into the classroom.

2. Engage in real conversations with students, especially about their lives.

3. Share appropriate information about yourself with students.

4. Learn about your students’ particular cultures and customs from your students.

5. Use your students’ names no matter how difficult or unusual.

6. Greet students at the door during transitions.

7. Project a friendly demeanor towards students.

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