Culturally Responsive Ways to Acknowledge Three Kings’ Day

In our classrooms, acknowledging that many of our students celebrate Three Kings’ Day is an opportunity to reinforce the importance of our students’ cultures.  However, here are a few things to keep in mind as we host classroom discussions.

Students’ Cultures Vary. Not all of our Hispanic students celebrate Three Kings’ Day and many cultures around the world that are not Hispanic also honor the celebration.  Ask students if the celebrate, and then, ask those who do if they would like to share how they celebrate.  Invite students (or parents) to share pictures of their celebrations with the class.

Books About Three Kings’ Day. Students should never be the sole ambassadors of their culture.  Consider bringing in books from the library about Three Kings’ Day so that students can learn more about the celebration.

Create a Venn Diagram. Compare and contrast  (depending on age) traditions surrounding Santa Claus versus traditions surrounding the Three Kings.  This activity can help students acknowledge similarities among cultures while learning to appreciate the differences across them.

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