Three Resources for Black History Month

All parents and educators who want to raise antiracist children need to incorporate Black History Month into their plans. This is especially true for Dual Language Educators since sociocultural competence is one of DLE’s three main goals. Here are some teaching resources to get you started with this year’s Black History Month theme: The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity

1. Culture and Change: Black History in America: This resource consists of texts, pictures, audio clips, and videos that provide students opportunities to learn about influential African Americans throughout history, explore jazz music, and understand better the Abolition and Civil Rights movements.

2. The Great Migration and the Power of a Single Decision: This Ted Talk features Pulitzer prize winner author and journalist Isabel Wilkerson describing the Great Migration, its impact on families, and self identity.

3. Coretta Scott King  Book Awards: This award is given to African American authors and illustrators who demonstrate a great appreciation for African American culture.  These books are written for children of all ages.

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